Wednesday, 16 May 2012


By Dave Scott

All that pain and suffering was quickly washed away
Standing in the sunshine on the 13th day of may
For the fist time in my life time in the thrill of a title race
Just waiting for typical city, to slap me in the face
I watched on as Zabba broke into the box with no fear
And drilled home the 1st goal, he gets one every year
And this one so important in our seasons plight
Coz we knew that united were leading at the stadium of light
Half time and we were winning, and everyone was happy
We were all 45 minutes from witnessing history
But all city fans knew that we wasn’t there just yet
So maybe another goal needed to make it a safe bet
Then 47 minutes gone and a mistake at the back
Joleon miss times a header and we all have heart attack
As Cisse is in on goal our defence just ripped apart
Driving home the ball, hard and low past Joe Hart
Everyone stood in shock our dreams now ripped to bits
This wasn’t supposed to happen, it wasn’t in the script
I was hollow and disappointed as I looked down at my son
And said don’t worry lad, we’ll get another one.
I said the words more hopeful than believing what I’d said
Praying to what ever power, that our hopes and dreams weren’t dead
But there wasn’t any words and nothing I could do
As I watched QPR break away again and quickly make it 2.
Losing on the last day when all we needed was a win
And united still 1 up, my world was caving in.
People around me in tears as we all stood with stony glare
Watching as our dream turned into a nightmare
I’d never felt so low I’d never been so down
But we still had 25 minutes to try and turn it round
Mancini made his changes, Dzeko and Mario
It was really now or never, we had to have a go
And have a go we did, attack, attack, attack
But everything we threw at them was quickly battered back.
90 minutes were up, Heads in hands and tears in eyes
Surely our only hope now was for Sunderland to equalize
The fourth official held up the board, 5 minutes added on
Gillingham all over again, had all our hope now gone ?
91 minutes and a corner from Silva was headed into the net
Dzeko makes it 2-2, we wasn’t dead just yet
Expectation raised again, just maybe this could be done
But then the news of a game ended, United had gone won
As it stood they were champions and greatness for them now beckoned
Unless we could find another goal, but we were dealing now in seconds
We attacked again, Aguero with the ball
He passed it to Mario but as he turned he began to fall
But amazingly he managed to play a killer pass
Even tho he was on the ground and lying on his ass
A brilliant pass to Aguero, the ball now at his feet
The whole stadium held it’s breath, I could hear my own heart beat
The moment in slow motion as Aguero took a touch
I’d never wanted anything this bad or so much
29 goals in his first season the little Argentinean had scored
But everything now hung on him scoring just one more
He pulled back his foot, and the ball was sweetly struck
And blues all over Manchester quickly came unstuck
I’d never heard such noise, I’d never seen so much joy
Jumping up and down and crying and hugging my boy
In fact I was hugging everyone I didn’t really care
As Aguero took his shirt off and swung it in the air
His team mates dived on top of him, the job now surely done
The crowd singing his name, the celebrations had begun
The united players knew, from the Sunderland fans roar
The look on their faces priceless as they were champions no more
As Kompany lifted the trophy the whole wide world now knew
What we’d known all along, that Manchester was Blue

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