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I haven’t wrote a blog for a while. I used to blog after every game, review the match as I saw it, and I know it may sound a bit arrogant maybe, but it got a little boring writing about how great we were and how we won again, so I stopped. This is my first blog since December 12th 2011 and this one isn’t going to make me very popular, because this one is about how I think the league will be won, And maybe not won by Manchester City.

As it stands, Sunday morning,  4th March 2012, Manchester City are 5 points clear at the top of the league, having 66 points from 27 games played. United, who are about to play Spurs, are 2nd in the league with 61 points from 26 games. January and February saw United play Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and now Spurs. 4 of the better teams in the league, and I thought before that run of games, that if Manchester City could come out of January and February with a 5 or 6 point lead on United, then we could go on and win the league, But if the gap was still only 2 points, then with us facing games against Chelsea at home, Arsenal away and obviously United at home in our last 11 games, then as much as I don’t like to say it, I think Manchester United will go on to win the league. Maybe history is clouding my judgement. Maybe I just expect “typical City” to raise it’s ugly head and throw it away, but I really believe it and I shall explain why.

Our last 11 games read as follows:-
Swansea (a) Chelsea (h) Stoke (a) Sunderland (h) Arsenal (a) WBA (h) Norwich (a) Wolves (a)  United (h) Newcastle (a) QPR (h)

United’s last 11 games after they have played Spurs are :-
WBA (h) Wolves (a) Fulham (h) Blackburn (a) QPR (h) Wigan (a) Villa (h) Everton (h) City (a) Swansea (h) Sunderland (a)

Now, IF and that’s IF United beat Spurs this afternoon, they will be back to 2 points behind us. Looking at our fixtures, I believe that we will drop points, now when I say drop points, I don’t necessarily mean Lose, but we may draw. For example, Arsenal away will be a tough game. Chelsea at home will be a test, and then obviously United at home also. Now I’m not over looking the other teams we have to play but these are the 3 fixtures that I believe represent the biggest threat, although Newcastle away could be deemed a dodgy one also, but anyway, I see us dropping some points.

But if you look at United’s fixtures, I really don’t see them dropping another point. WBA away may have been testing, But at Old Trafford I think they will win. It could even come down to the derby 3 games before the end of the season, but I truly feel that IF United take maximum points from White hart lane, it will be them and not us that go on to win the league.

Now obviously, as a City fan I hope I’m wrong (and lets face it, it wouldn’t be the first time) but I just think they have the experience to handle the run in that we maybe don’t have. Of course there could be shock results, but if history is clouding my judgement, I just see those shocks being our bad results rather than theirs as they always manage to claw the result they need, as they proved with Giggs scoring in the 92nd minute vs. Norwich last weekend.

Yes it is in our own hands, and its ours to lose as we still lead. Win all our games and we are champions. But will we win all our games ? I think not. IF we have the 5 point lead after United play Spurs, then maybe we can hold it. 5 point gap allows for a slip up loss or a couple of draws. I guess my belief will go one way or the other after Spurs vs. United.

Thanks for reading…..

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