Wednesday, 16 May 2012


By Dave Scott

All that pain and suffering was quickly washed away
Standing in the sunshine on the 13th day of may
For the fist time in my life time in the thrill of a title race
Just waiting for typical city, to slap me in the face
I watched on as Zabba broke into the box with no fear
And drilled home the 1st goal, he gets one every year
And this one so important in our seasons plight
Coz we knew that united were leading at the stadium of light
Half time and we were winning, and everyone was happy
We were all 45 minutes from witnessing history
But all city fans knew that we wasn’t there just yet
So maybe another goal needed to make it a safe bet
Then 47 minutes gone and a mistake at the back
Joleon miss times a header and we all have heart attack
As Cisse is in on goal our defence just ripped apart
Driving home the ball, hard and low past Joe Hart
Everyone stood in shock our dreams now ripped to bits
This wasn’t supposed to happen, it wasn’t in the script
I was hollow and disappointed as I looked down at my son
And said don’t worry lad, we’ll get another one.
I said the words more hopeful than believing what I’d said
Praying to what ever power, that our hopes and dreams weren’t dead
But there wasn’t any words and nothing I could do
As I watched QPR break away again and quickly make it 2.
Losing on the last day when all we needed was a win
And united still 1 up, my world was caving in.
People around me in tears as we all stood with stony glare
Watching as our dream turned into a nightmare
I’d never felt so low I’d never been so down
But we still had 25 minutes to try and turn it round
Mancini made his changes, Dzeko and Mario
It was really now or never, we had to have a go
And have a go we did, attack, attack, attack
But everything we threw at them was quickly battered back.
90 minutes were up, Heads in hands and tears in eyes
Surely our only hope now was for Sunderland to equalize
The fourth official held up the board, 5 minutes added on
Gillingham all over again, had all our hope now gone ?
91 minutes and a corner from Silva was headed into the net
Dzeko makes it 2-2, we wasn’t dead just yet
Expectation raised again, just maybe this could be done
But then the news of a game ended, United had gone won
As it stood they were champions and greatness for them now beckoned
Unless we could find another goal, but we were dealing now in seconds
We attacked again, Aguero with the ball
He passed it to Mario but as he turned he began to fall
But amazingly he managed to play a killer pass
Even tho he was on the ground and lying on his ass
A brilliant pass to Aguero, the ball now at his feet
The whole stadium held it’s breath, I could hear my own heart beat
The moment in slow motion as Aguero took a touch
I’d never wanted anything this bad or so much
29 goals in his first season the little Argentinean had scored
But everything now hung on him scoring just one more
He pulled back his foot, and the ball was sweetly struck
And blues all over Manchester quickly came unstuck
I’d never heard such noise, I’d never seen so much joy
Jumping up and down and crying and hugging my boy
In fact I was hugging everyone I didn’t really care
As Aguero took his shirt off and swung it in the air
His team mates dived on top of him, the job now surely done
The crowd singing his name, the celebrations had begun
The united players knew, from the Sunderland fans roar
The look on their faces priceless as they were champions no more
As Kompany lifted the trophy the whole wide world now knew
What we’d known all along, that Manchester was Blue

Saturday, 3 March 2012


I haven’t wrote a blog for a while. I used to blog after every game, review the match as I saw it, and I know it may sound a bit arrogant maybe, but it got a little boring writing about how great we were and how we won again, so I stopped. This is my first blog since December 12th 2011 and this one isn’t going to make me very popular, because this one is about how I think the league will be won, And maybe not won by Manchester City.

As it stands, Sunday morning,  4th March 2012, Manchester City are 5 points clear at the top of the league, having 66 points from 27 games played. United, who are about to play Spurs, are 2nd in the league with 61 points from 26 games. January and February saw United play Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and now Spurs. 4 of the better teams in the league, and I thought before that run of games, that if Manchester City could come out of January and February with a 5 or 6 point lead on United, then we could go on and win the league, But if the gap was still only 2 points, then with us facing games against Chelsea at home, Arsenal away and obviously United at home in our last 11 games, then as much as I don’t like to say it, I think Manchester United will go on to win the league. Maybe history is clouding my judgement. Maybe I just expect “typical City” to raise it’s ugly head and throw it away, but I really believe it and I shall explain why.

Our last 11 games read as follows:-
Swansea (a) Chelsea (h) Stoke (a) Sunderland (h) Arsenal (a) WBA (h) Norwich (a) Wolves (a)  United (h) Newcastle (a) QPR (h)

United’s last 11 games after they have played Spurs are :-
WBA (h) Wolves (a) Fulham (h) Blackburn (a) QPR (h) Wigan (a) Villa (h) Everton (h) City (a) Swansea (h) Sunderland (a)

Now, IF and that’s IF United beat Spurs this afternoon, they will be back to 2 points behind us. Looking at our fixtures, I believe that we will drop points, now when I say drop points, I don’t necessarily mean Lose, but we may draw. For example, Arsenal away will be a tough game. Chelsea at home will be a test, and then obviously United at home also. Now I’m not over looking the other teams we have to play but these are the 3 fixtures that I believe represent the biggest threat, although Newcastle away could be deemed a dodgy one also, but anyway, I see us dropping some points.

But if you look at United’s fixtures, I really don’t see them dropping another point. WBA away may have been testing, But at Old Trafford I think they will win. It could even come down to the derby 3 games before the end of the season, but I truly feel that IF United take maximum points from White hart lane, it will be them and not us that go on to win the league.

Now obviously, as a City fan I hope I’m wrong (and lets face it, it wouldn’t be the first time) but I just think they have the experience to handle the run in that we maybe don’t have. Of course there could be shock results, but if history is clouding my judgement, I just see those shocks being our bad results rather than theirs as they always manage to claw the result they need, as they proved with Giggs scoring in the 92nd minute vs. Norwich last weekend.

Yes it is in our own hands, and its ours to lose as we still lead. Win all our games and we are champions. But will we win all our games ? I think not. IF we have the 5 point lead after United play Spurs, then maybe we can hold it. 5 point gap allows for a slip up loss or a couple of draws. I guess my belief will go one way or the other after Spurs vs. United.

Thanks for reading…..

Monday, 12 December 2011


So it's December 12th 2012 and another massive game and another big test as Manchester City go to Stamford Bridge to play Chelsea. Chelsea hadn't had a great start to the season but had been coming good in the last few games and it's always hard when you face One of the "Big four". Never confident going to play the big teams but then again its Man City so i don't think you can ever be to confident but we've done ok at Spurs and at Manchester United and i guess at Liverpool so i can't call it. United had beaten Wolves on Saturday and narrowed the gap to 2 points at the top so we need a win really to regain our 5 point gap but realistically I'd be more than happy with a draw. The team was what you'd expect. Hart in goal. Zabba came in at right back for Richards who is carrying a knock, Lescott and Kompany in the centre of defence with Clichy on the left. Yaya and Barry were the holders with Silva and Milner the attacking midfield. Aguero and Mario up front. But for Zabba, this was the team that beat United 6-1 at Old Trafford. But had we had it to good at White heart land and Old Trafford ? At Anfield they handled us better and kept us to a draw, could Chelsea go one better tonight in the horrible winter rain in London ? Or was the poznan going back to the capital ?

Match started, with the same ref we'd had at Old Trafford, Clattenberg, and what a start it was. Within 2 minutes a wonderful bit of skill by Aguero saw him lose his markers and play an excellent ball to Mario clear through to confidently put us 1-0 up. Great start. Chelsea looked a little bit shell shocked and for the first 10 minutes and Aguero had another good chance on 10 minutes when he took on the defence on his own to create an opening, but fired wide. 13 minutes gone and an amazing bit of passing and possession saw Silva played into the box and bought down, but Clattenberg said no penalty. It should have been. Chelsea began to settle and enjoyed more possession but their passing wasn't as affective when they had the ball as we were when we had it, in fact it was 24 minutes before they mustered a shot on goal from Drogba, dealt with by Hart at the expense of a corner. To be fair it was a quiet 33 minutes and then a great pass from Terry out to Sturridge who skinned Clichy to the bi line and fired a great cross for Meireles to equalise. 2 minutes later the goal scorer was booked for a reckless tackle on Zabba, but it was clear to see Chelsea were getting a grip on the game. City weren't finding the passes now and the half petered out and it ended 1-1, could have been so different if the blatant penalty had been given in the 13th minute.

Chelsea started the 2nd half bright and Clichy was quickly booked when he couldn't handle Sturridge. The resulting free kick was fired in the box and poor marking from City saw Sturridge free at the far post but he fired over. Early warning. Yaya was playing a dangerous game, Kicking out at Chelsea players but luckily for him and us, not seen by the Ref. City were giving away possession far to often and Mata was beginning to come into the game more where as Silva had disappeared.  Chelsea were defending deep and City just couldn't get through them. 57 minutes gone and what i feared happened, Clichy made a tackle with his wrong foot on the flying Ramires and a 2nd yellow saw him sent off. Now this was going to be a real challenge.  Obviously it was all Chelsea now and Aguero was sacrificed to get Kolo on and reinstate the back four. Our first threat on goal coming from a long range effort from Mario in the 67th minute, easily gathered by Cech. City were defending well, but every time we cleared our lines it was coming straight back as we had no outlet. 72nd minute and Chelsea's goal scorer made way for Frank Lampard to come on. 74th minute and David Silva, who had been vacant for most of the match made way for De Jong. going into the 80th minute it was still level and we were holding on well, mostly Chelsea but nothing to threatening, could we keep it that way for 10 minutes ? No, a shot from Sturridge and Lescott handles the ball in the box, Penalty. Lampard, who had not long been on scored it, 2-1 down, the unbeaten run coming to an end ? Dzeko comes on for Lescott, Mancini having to try and save something from the game, but Chelsea saw the game out, earning them selves free kicks to eat up the clock, short corners to keep possession and to beat Manchester City for the first time in the league this season.

David Silva didn't get into the game and that's what cost us, Yes a penalty that never was and a penalty given cost us, but teams are beginning to suss us out now and stop us from playing. But for his early Goal Mario Balotelli didn't really get into the game and neither did Aguero or Yaya ToureClichy in a position he couldn't argue with and what the hell Lescott was thinking handling in the box ? Was a blatant penalty and the ref could do nothing but give it. If someone would have offered me the position we are in, only beaten by Chelsea, Bayern and Napoli, at the beginning of the season, how many blue's wouldn't have taken that ? Not to down hearted, you can't win them all and thoughts now turn to Arsenal at home this coming Sunday. Got to take at least a point from that now. Still a happy blue, the football I've witnessed over the years, how could i not be ? Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


December 7th 2011 and it was judgement night. City Vs Bayern Munich in the Champions league at the Etihad. City had to win, but even if they did, our fate lay elsewhere. If Napoli beat Villarreal, it didn't matter what the result was in Manchester, we'd be out and heading into the Europa league. I've got to admit, I'd resigned myself to the fact that our Champions league adventure was over, but it's football, and you never know what can happen so we would have to keep our fingers well and truly crossed. Team news was pretty much what you'd expect but for the right back position. Hart was in Goal, in defence it was Clichy on the left, Lescott and Kompany in the middle and injury to Richards and Zabbaleta saw Savic come in to play Right back. Yaya and Barry were the holding midfielders with Nasri and Silva the attackers, with Dzeko and Aguero up front. 

I was quite relaxed going to the ground because in my mind we were already out. The worst thing that could happen in my mind would be for us to lose our game and Villarreal to do us the favour we needed and win. I was just going to enjoy the experience of watching my team play one of Europes best teams. I didn't think it could get any better than watching us play Juventus last year, but it has, after all that is what it's all about for me. I never for a second thought we'd win the Champions league, especially after the group we were drawn in, so i just wanted to enjoy it and experience it while it lasted. Seeing the ground draped in the Champions league Livery, seeing the bigger teams coming to play in our back yard and that music giving you goosebumps before every game. I would be disappointed if we went out, but the Europa league is still a trophy to win and it still sees big clubs I've never seen before coming to our ground. Europa league was good enough for us Citys fans last year and we were gutted when we got knocked out so IF we end up back there, maybe we could go for it again.

The match is self was good stuff, City looked like they had learnt a valuable lesson in Europe and kept the ball  better enjoying a large amount of possession, admittedly against a weaker Bayern Side, as they were already through, they rested their biggest stars. The atmosphere was weird. It was a good atmosphere but a little subdued as obviously everyone had one ear on what was happening at Villarreal. Aguero had a good chance to open the scoring, a great cross from Nasri, but his headed flew over the bar. We had a goal disallowed, when a free kick from Siva ended up in the net, but Lescott had been judged to have fouled the keeper when he climbed with him so it was ruled out. City were playing well though and eventually got the goal they deserved on 37 minutes. Barry played the ball into Dzeko, whose little flick was taken brilliantly by Silva on his chest and from the edge of the box he fired in an unstoppable shot to put us 1-0 up. Word on the Radio said that Villarreal were holding Napoli to 0-0 and that was good enough for us.

The second half was pretty much the same thing, city keeping the ball and the crowd rumbling with anticipation that it was still 0-0 in Villarreal and also there was an under current of Basel 1 Manchester United 0 to. On 56 minutes the mood got better when Yaya made it 2-0. City walking through the Bayern defence, Silva to Dzeko and Dzeko through to the in rushing Yaya to poke the ball home. Still 0-0 in Villarreal and City fans were starting to allow them selves to believe. I had my radio one listening for news from Spain all the way through the match and people around me were asking me every couple of minutes "what score is Napoli?" & "What score is United?". I kept giving them the news they wanted to hear until the 65th minute and Napoli scored. That was it, Villarreal had never looked like getting a point all the way through the group stage and now they were 1-0 down. We were doing what we had to do though and i know it made a lot of blues proud. We played the game out winning 2-0 but in the end a 2-0 win for Napoli saw us exit the Champions league. Not a great night as far as Manchester were concerned as Manchester United crashed out to losing 2-1 in Basel.

The main things to take from this game was the fact that it looked like we'd learnt how to play in Europe's elite competition now, to late maybe, but we looked a lot more patient against Bayern than we had against Napoli in our opening game, the draw at home that in the long run probably cost us the most and the other thing i took from this game was that Savic looks a better right back than he does a centre back. I'm not saying he's a bad central midfielder, he isn't, but i thought he had the best game i've seen him play at right back, good to know. Nasri again was great and even though Dzeko had a quiet game, he did provide the touch to set up both goals so not all bad. So our European football moves to Thursday nights again, back in the Europa league, ah well, lets just go out and win that instead hey ? I'm still a very happy blue, Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


December 3rd and after a week that has seen us into the Semi finals of the league cup to play Liverpool and United get knocked out at home 2-1 by Crystal palace we face Norwich at home. Norwich had been handling themselves quite well in the premier league but i have to admit i went to this game feeling quite confident. I saw a lot of Tweets and Facebook status's saying it was going to be easy and I've got to admit i didn't think it was going to be as easy as some fans obviously thought it was going to be, but I was confident we could win this one at home. Joe Hart was returned to goal, Richards and Clichy were the full backs and Kolo Toure kept his place from midweek to join Kompany in the centre of defence seeing Lescott drop to the bench, Maybe with Bayern Munich in mind. Barry and Yaya were the centre of midfield with Nasri and Siva the Attacking midfielders. Aguero and Dzeko started up front. Before the game, the sold out crowd paid a fitting tribute to Premier League legend Gary Speed, who had taken his life this week, a sad loss.

The first half was like watching Attack vs Defence as Norwich quite obviously parked the bus, and 25 minutes into the game the 73% possession statistic that flashed up on the screen demonstrated that perfectly. We did nearly get caught when Kompany and Kolo got left for dead by the Morrison, but luckily a heavy touch allowed Hart to come out and save us, but apart from that, in the first half, Norwich may as well not even bothered turning up. All the pressure on the Norwich goal didn't seem to be paying off at first with Aguero firing over the bar a couple of times when he looked like scoring and Dzeko going close. Nasri was looking lively though and I'd even go as far to say he played better than Silva today, he seems to be growing into the squad more and more. 32 Minutes gone and the breakthrough came. Good work from Silva on the right played in Richards and he passed it into the box for Aguero, His first touch left him with his back to goal and by the time he'd turned goal wards he was surrounded by 5 Norwich players, he delayed for a moment before somehow toe poking the ball through the crowd and into the net to make it 1-0. The rest of the first half played out the same, City Attacking and Norwich firmly parked behind the bus.

The second half started and Norwich would have to come out and they started brighter but created only one half chance that went harmlessly over the bar. 51 minutes gone and a foul on Dzeko gave us a free kick 35 yards out. Nasri took it and I'm guessing the plan was top float one into the box, which he did. The Norwich keeper must have assumed that one of his defenders was going to get a header on it and hesitated, that hesitation cost him as the ball bounced in the six yard box and into the net to make it 2-0 and leaving the keeper looking a little bit stupid.

68 minutes and it was 3-0, a short corner one two between Silva and Nasri and then the little Spaniard played the ball into Yaya's feet in the box, he took a touch before calmly, as easy as you like, curling the ball into the corner of the net. It looked so easy. Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero made way for Adam Johnson and Mario Balotelli and it almost looked as though City had settled for 3-0 as they seemed to relax and this let Norwich in to claim a consolation goal on 81 minutes, a good ball floated to the far post for Morrison to head home with a good finish. Another pesky goal conceded, and probably deserved for Morrison for who played up front all game on his own and did work hard.

88 minutes gone and the moment that everyone left talking about. Good work down the left this time between Silva and Clichy, The french full back played the ball across to Yaya who played it into the box for Johnson who had made a good run to the near post, he turned well and played in Balotelli who saw his close range shot saved by the keepers feet, the ball looped up into the air, and as the helpless keeper watched, the ball dropped to Balotelli, standing practically on the goal line, for him to finish. Not with his head or his chest, but with a cheeky, Cooley taken, shoulder, arrogantly shoving the ball into the net to make it 4-1. The coolest finish of the day if not the season. Yes it was cheeky, yes it was cool and yes maybe a tad arrogant. But that's what you get with Mario, entertainment. The great team work and passing that involved Silva, Clichy, Yaya and Johnson will probably be overlooked because of the Mario Factor, but all round, a superb goal.

91st  minute and the full stop was put on the game by Adam Johnson. Silva and Kompany teaming up on the left to bully the Norwich player into conceding possession and Kompany crossed the ball to Johnson on the right of the penalty area. He took a few touches before casually curling the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal to make it 5-1, again making it look far to easy. Afterwards the media would talk about City NOT celebrating their goals as Mario and AJ had been very low key celebrations, but when you score number four and five against a team that had been swept aside, is there any need for over the top celebrations to rub their noses in it ? I don't think there is, so fair enough. Aguero and Nasri had celebrated their goals enough, and Nasri deserved something from this game as this was probably his best display in a city shirt so far and he seemed to be growing more and more into the player we'd bought with every game.

So our first league game in December and STILL unbeaten in the league. Never for a second thought that would happen and still find it quite hard to believe if I'm honest. Our next League game would offer us another test though as we go away to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea. Before that though, matters turned once again to Champions League, with Bayern Munich, the team top of our group, coming to the Etihad. Lets all pray to what ever god you believe in that we can beat Bayern and Villarreal can beat Naopli. Doubt it, but i guess you just never know. For now though, another great weekend had by all, still five points clear and going strong. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


November 29th 2011 and only 2 days after we played Liverpool at Anfield we travel to the Emirates to play Arsenal in the Quarter final of the League cup. Mancini had already commented in the press that he wasn't surprised that the England National team were never successful because of the way fixtures came thick and fast and left the players tired and he'd hinted at wholesale changes to the team, he hadn't lied. Pantilimon started in goal, as he'd done in every other round of the League cup so far. The back four was Onuoha, Kolo Toure, Savic & Zabaleta. The defencive midfielders were De Jong & Hargreaves with Johnson, Kolarov, Nasri & Dzeko the attacking department. Arsenal also fielded a much changed team. We'd beaten Arsenal at this stage 2 years ago under Mark Hughes, but that was at The Etihad (well, Eastlands then) but at Arsenal we didn't have a great record. As I'd hinted at in my last blog, we'd done ok so far this season at grounds we don't usually do well at and against teams we don't usually beat so lets hope tonight could be another record broken and maybe we could earn ourselves another one of those semi finals we seem to be getting used to.

The early moments were cagey and even and the first effort on goal came in the 9th minute from Adam Johnson when he skinned the Arsenal youngster playing at left back to fire an effort just over the bar. Just a minute later Arsenal hit on the counter and good work from Chamberlain down the right ended with him firing a cross for Park to shoot. bringing a great save from Pantilimon. It was a fairly even and the next chance was a long range effort from Chamberlain that  was flying into the top corner, only stopped by yet another quality save from Pantilimon. The match started to heat up a little, Nasri playing Johnson in but the ball just a little long for him. Then on 31 minutes Mancini pulled Kolarov off and put Aguero on. Tactical ? Not sure, Kolarov wasn't having a bad game on the left wing. Time would tell on that decision. City enjoyed the lions share of the possession but didn't really threaten the Arsenal goal, and Arsenal never realy threatened ours as the rest of the first half played out. Dzeko had looked lively and up for it and Savic and Kolo had looked fairly solid at the back. 2 great saves from Pantilimon, I'd been unsure about him before kick off, but he'd started to win me over with this first half display. 0-0 at Half time.

It was cleared up by sky that Kolarov had tweaked a muscle in the warm up but felt comfortable enough to start but obviously hadn't worked out, hence the substitution. The second half started where the first had left off with both teams trading possession, Chamberlain giving Zabba a hard time early on but Pantilimon dealing with anything goal bound. Nasri was getting booed every time he touched the ball, Hargreaves and Johnson weren't seeing enough of the ball and Aguero's touch seemed to have deserted him but 65 minutes gone and nobody was really threatening. In all honesty the second half was turning out to be quite a dull affair with most efforts on either goal coming from long range and not being very accurate. Mancini didn't look happy with what he was seeing. 78 minutes gone and City made their second change, Razak replacing Hargreaves. 82 minutes and a City attack breaks down and Arsenal break with purpose, the City defence eventually dealing with it  putting it out for a corner. Arsenal's corner is dealt with easily and Dzeko breaks, he plays in Johnson who in turn played in Aguero to score. 1-0 to city with 7 minutes to go. A brilliant counter attack. Could we see it out and finally win a game at the Emirates ?  Yes, the final whistle signalling our progress into the semi final.

Another ground where we'd broke our duck, another record broken i guess and yet another semi final. Carling cup semi final in 2009/10, an FA cup semi final in 2010/11 and now another Carling cup semi final in 2011/12, what's the betting that we get United again (If they get through their REALLY difficult tie tomorrow). Liverpool had beaten Chelsea to go through 2-0 tonight and also Cardiff had beaten Blackburn to progress, which just Left United to play Cystal palace. Our Reserves looked the part tonight, besting Arsenals reserves and the future looks bright. Pantilimon had proved my doubts in him wrong, even if he does look a little gangly and clumsy at times. More fixtures to navigate but that's what you have to deal with when you want to win things i guess, and the passion shown on the bench from Mancini tonight proves he really does want to win this cup. Norwich next for us in the League at home this weekend. Once again I'm a happy blue, thanks for reading.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


After the disappointment of Napoli its back to the bread and butter of the Premier League and today we go to Anfield to play Liverpool. Yesterday, United had dropped points at home to Newcastle with a 1-1 draw which left us 4 points clear at the top of the table so a win today could see us go 7 points clear at the top. Being a blue you get used to disappointment, wasn't an option, because disappointment were all we'd had for a long time but things had been good  recently, but i couldn't help thinking before the game that today may be the day I was disappointed again. United dropping points had given us a chance to open up a gap, not just over them, but also over the resurgent Spurs who were on a great run that could see them move into second with their game in hand, so is this a chance that we would mess up or was it History clouding my judgement ? Today was also Mancini's birthday, so 3 points would mean a very nice present for him. We'd got our arse handed to us at Anfield last season, I feared the same happening again today. I know we never win at White heart lane and we had. I know we never beat Everton and we had, and I'm not even going to get into our Old Trafford record, but for some reason, today, i just feared the worse.

Four hours before kick off my fears were put into perspective when the news broke that the Welsh Manager and Premier League legend, Gary Speed had died, aged 42. What relevance does football have in the grand scheme of things when two boys have lost their father in such horrific circumstances.  I have no connection to Gary Speed, he never played for my Club or my Country but the news really rattled me, shocked me so much. Left me feeling hollow. I watched as it unfolded on Sky Sports News and all over my Twitter and Facebook feeds. So were we to lose today. Yes we dropped points, yes we fail to capitalize on United mistakes, But maybe Shankly was wrong, it isn't life or death and it is No where near as important as we sometime pretend it to be. Watching the tribute before the Swansea vs Aston Villa game, hearing Howard Wilkinson talk about Speed and watching Shay Given in tear before the game, puts the whole thing in perspective and me shiver.

But the game went a head, and the City team changed again to the team from midweek. Hart of course started in goal, his back four being  Richards, Kompany, Lescott & Clichy, the midfield would be sured up by Yaya &Barry with Milner, Silva, Nasri & Aguero the attacking threat. News was that Craig Bellamy had withdrawn from the Liverpool squad after the news of his International Managers death.  A lot had been made recently about top flight teams with unbeaten runs. Newcastle obviously losing theirs to us last weekend and this weekend Barcelona and Glasgow Rangers lost to. Still had a feeling that today would be the day we lost ours. There was another goose bump inducing minutes silence before our game.

The game started with both teams trying to set a high tempo, City having more possession in the first 10 minutes pressing Liverpool back, or were they planning on hitting us on the break ?  The formation looked more 4-4-2 with Milner and Nasri wide and Silva higher up with Sergio. 12 minutes in and Kompany picks up a yellow for a challenge on Suarez, who seems to spend a lot of the time on the floor, not good to get booked and have to mark him for the rest of the game. 15 minutes gone and we hadn't created anything to threaten the Liverpool goal for our possession, but neither had they to threaten ours. The first half chance came when a short back pass saw Reina come racing from his goal to clear just before Agureo could get to it. 20 minutes Adam's dives onto the floor looking for a free kick, the ref wasn't fooled and Aguero broke into the Liverpool box only to tie himself in knots and fall over. We were playing the better football and putting pressure on the Liverpool back four, but still not creating chances on goal. Liverpool started to come into the game a little but on the half hour Captain Kompany rose at the near post from a David Silva corner to guide the ball home and put us 1-0 up from probably our first effort on target. From the restart Barry picked up a yellow that ruled him out of the Arsenal Carling cup tie (our next game) and then straight away, a nothing shot from Charlie Adam was deflected into his own goal by Lescott to even it up. Back to square one, i still think it's going to be one of those days. 1-1, Ninety seconds between the goals with 33 minutes gone. Suarez was sticking to his usual tactic of falling over every time someone breathed on him but luckily the ref didn't seem to be buying it. The equalizer lifted them and on 37 minutes Joe Hart produced a brilliant save with his feet from a thunderous Charlie Adam effort. 38 minutes and a curling effort from Glenn Johnson sailed just wide. The own goal had us rattled. The game seemed to settle again and we composed ourselves with the next chance coming from City as Aguero brought a save from Reina right on the half time whistle. The half ending 1-1, all set up for an interesting second half.

After a bright few minutes at the beginning of the second half it was Liverpool who had the first chance on 48 minutes when confusion in the defence looked like it might cost us, but it cost us nothing more than a corner in the end. It looked like Mancini had pushed Yaya further forward to. The first 10 minutes of the second half were a pretty even affair, again with no team managing to muster any clear cut chances on goal. Aguero wasn't offering much to the game but i think it was more down to service and support rather than his form. It was crying out for Balotelli to come and either replace him or for him to play off. 64 minutes gone and that's exactly what happened, Baloteli on for  Nasri. A clever corner from Liverpool on 66 minutes and Downing Brings a great save from Joe Hart. It was turning into a good contest between 2 good teams but it was all happening in the congested Midfield. Both teams were just looking for that bit of magic or that killer pass to open up the opposition defence, and on 73 minutes suarez nearly found it, beating Richards to play the ball across goal, Lescott cleared it but it bounced of Kuyt and so nearly crept in. a minute later Milner was played in by a lose header back by Adam, but again Reina raced off his line to stop us. As we approached the 80th minute Liverpool were growing more and more confident and creating chances and that feeling i'd had about this being the day for disappointment was rising again. Balotelli hadn't really offered much, apart from his swanky blonde hair doo, and we looked rocky as wave after wave of Liverpool attack bombarded our goal. 82 minutes and Dzeko replaced Aguero, probably for holding the ball up better than we had been. But then it all went pear shaped as Balotelli earned himself a second yellow card to get himself sent off. He went into a challenge wit Skertel and because he led with his arm, the ref brandished the yellow. Balotelli never looked in the direction of the player he was looking at the ball at all time so to me a little harsh, but as soon as the challenge was made you knew what was going to happen. 88th minute and were hanging on, Suarez bringing another save from Hart. 89th minute and good work from Dzeko to out run the defence and pay in Silva, but he delayed and delayed until his weak shot was cleared off the line. Silva made way for Kolo on 90 minutes and this was going to be the longest 3 minutes of injury time ever. We were obviously now playing for our point. Minute to go and another outstanding save from Hart denied Carroll. The whistle saved us and our unbeaten record but this had been a proper battle, our five point lead was restored.

At the beginning of the day I'd feared the worst, so i was more than happy with a point at Anfield. Silva hadn't been able to influence the game as he usually does, Agureo and Nasri hadn't really contributed and City's Man of the Match, without doubt was Joe Hart. Without him this could have been embarrassing but i guess that's why he is England's number 1. It was a highly entertaining draw for a neutral, but as a City fan it was heart wrenching. At the end of the season i hope that we can look back at a well earned important point in a game that in the past we probably would have thrown away. Without doubt teams will come to Anfield this season and lose so i personally was more than happy with a point. Next up now on Tuesday Is Arsenal in the Carling Cup at the Emirate stadium, obviously without Barry and Balotelli. The season was begining to get very interesting. Overall from today though, my heart goes out to the family of Gary Speed, and had we crumbled under Liverpool's pressure and lost, it would have been insignificant compared to that. Thanks for reading. R.I.P Gary Speed.