Saturday, 29 October 2011


October 29th 2011 and 4 days after knocking them out of the league cup 5-2 away it's Wolves at home. Before the game the draw had been made and we now faced a quarter final away to Arsenal, but first we had to concentrate on keeping our lead at the top of the league. 3 players kept their place in the team that won on Wednesday, Dzeko, Kolorav & Nasri the rest was changed. Hart returned to keep goal, Lescott, Kompany and Richards completed the back four. Barry and Yaya came back into Midfield and Siva and Aguero also came back in.

The first half was all City and Wolves did the normal thing of trying to get a draw out of the game. City made lots of chances but there was one overwhelming thing that stood out above everything else, something i will come back to shortly. Despite City having the better of the first half and the Wolves keeper making 2 fantastic saves, the scores at half time were level.

Second half was a different matter all together. In the 52nd minute the goal, that had been coming, finally materialized, and it was created by Aguero's endeavour. The Wolves keeper, Wayne Hennessey, took his time clearing the ball and he was closed down by Aguero and the ball was smashed against him. The little Argentinian recovered to roll the ball into the path of Dzeko who rolled it home. The second goal came from Kolarov after a David Silva shot was only parried to his feet by Hennessey, 2-0. Then for a typical City scare. Hart saved a Wolves shot and in the chase for the loose ball Kompany brought down Doyle to give Wolves a penalty and earn himself a red card for the professional foul. Hunt converted the penalty and City faced a tricky last 15 minutes with 10 men. Mancini threw another Defender on taking Aguero off and even though Wolves had the man advantage, they failed to create anything, in fact Adam Johnson managed to curl home a city 3rd in injury time to seal the deal.

Now i haven't concentrated on the match so much in this blog as there is another issue I'd like to draw attention to, because I'm pretty sure if you wasn't at the match you will not get to see it on Match of the day, because they never highlight such things. What i want to talk about is the most Bias referee i have ever seen in all the time i have been going to watch City. Believe me I've seen some bad ones, Everton at home last season for one, But today's, Stuart Attwell, was a disgrace. Gareth Barry was booked early on for the first tackle of the game, and when i say tackle, i mean tackle, nothing bad but he deemed it worthy of a yellow, then, every time the wind blew and a wolves player fell over, a free kick was awarded and yet when David silva had lumps kicked out of him time and time again, and Edin Dzeko was cynically brought down after the ball had gone, he awarded nothing. He even told Silva, who was clearly brought down to get up. I couldn't believe what i was seeing. A player climbs all over the back of Balotelli (who came on also second half) and a free kick is given for Mario backing in. The crowd bellowed their disapproval on many occasions and he was roundly booed at half time and at the final whistle, but never have i come away from the ground feeling so angry after watching my team win. Is it the success we are now enjoying or is he really the complete wanker he made him self look with that performance today. I apologise for my language but I'm afraid he earned it today.

Anyway, i guess we did what we had to do, won the game and kept the 5 point gap that we started the weekend with. I guess all is well that ends well but that refereeing display was disgraceful and i hope who ever it is that rules on these referees See's it and does something about it, but i won't hold my breath. Next game is away to Villarreal in the champions league, another must win, and finally Mario can be unleashed on Europe. Lets hope we get a decent ref.  Sorry for being so brief on match details but i wanted to get this online while i was still seething. Thanks for reading.

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