Monday, 19 September 2011


Sunday the 18th of September started slowly as i was Nursing the massive hangover from a night out to celebrate my daughters 18th Birthday. Zoe's birthday is actually today, but we went out last night to celebrate and Celebrate we did. Maybe, just maybe, Man City were suffering the same sort of Hang over from the midweek Champions league party, who knows.

Today was away to Fulham and as i was hung over and there was no TV coverage of our game I didn't get to watch the game unfold, I just followed the match on the match day centre on MCFC.CO.UK and watched the highlights. Now a lot of City fans were getting very carried away with our start, and a lot of City fans are very happy having not lost in 4 games in the premier league and scoring a bag full of goals, but did any City fan really think that we weren't gonna drop any points all season ? I didn't, I've been telling everyone that would listen that last year Chelsea won all 5 of their first games and scored 20 plus goals and it didn't end with them winning the league so it was far to early to get carried away.

It was looking good though when Aguero scored (Again) to put us 1-0 up after 19 minutes. Now i know we paid A LOT of money for Sergio, and you should expect a player that cost's that much to score goals, but did any City fan think he'd get as many goals in his first 5 games in the premier league ? I for one thought he'd need games to settle in and thought the debut against Swansea was a one off, i was wrong as he continues to impress me. Great to get to see quality players such as him play in City blue. The second half started well when Aguero netted again on 46, 8 goals in 5 games, an amazing return from the little Argentinian. 2-0 up and Augero on a hatrick for the second game running and we switch off. Typical City raises it's ugly head again.

2-0 Is always considered to be a dangerous scoreline and when Zamora rifled in a screamer on 55 minutes i got that "here we go" feeling. Has to be said that he was afforded far to much time and space to get his shot away but I'm not gonna point any fingers, It was a good Fulham move. The equalizer came on 75 minutes, a powerful shot from Murphy that took a wicked deflection off Kompany to beat hart, but it was a goal that never should have been allowed because the move all started from a foul on Dzeko that should have obviously been a free kick to us but it wasn't given.

Now I'm not going to lose all hope just because we've drawn a game, you have to be happy with a point away from home, maybe not from 2-0 up, but a point is a point and a draw is better than getting beat. From what I've seen it could have been worse, Hart making some great saves and Richards with a last ditch tackle. We are not going to be perfect every week and we are going to lose some games, yeah shock horror, we will not go all season unbeaten so I'm not going to start slagging the team off or looking for any bridges to jump off either. Yes from 2-0 up we should be winning and yes we went to sleep, but we didn't get beat and this will be a wake up or a kick in the arse that will keep us grounded and maybe make us see that we aint world beaters just yet and it isn't going to be like watching Barcelona every week.  Bit disappointing but what is more important, I had a fantastic night out for my Daughters 18th with friends and family. Happy birthday Zoey Marie Scott, I love ya x Thanks for reading

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